• Quarter in the heart of Krasnoyarsk will be a great Museum complex

About fund

This is a non-profit project created to support and effectively develop the Krasnoyarsk art Museum named after Vasily Surikov within the framework of the "Effective philanthropy" program of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Our main aims:

  • Create a modern Museum and exhibition complex with convenient infrastructure and quality services;
  • Improve the storage conditions of works of art;
  • To create conditions for replenishment of the Museum collection with new unique exhibits;
  • To promote the introduction of modern technologies in the research, educational, expert and educational activities of the Museum;
  • To support innovative projects of the Museum that can bring cultural industries to a new level in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region;
  • To develop cooperation of the Museum with the largest museums of Russia and the world;
  • To assist in carrying out the necessary design and repair and restoration works of the Museum grounds.

How it works?

  • The Fund accepts donations from individuals and legal entities and invests these funds under a trust agreement with the most reliable management companies.
  • Each charitable donation becomes a profitable contribution and will bring a stable income.
  • The resulting income is sent to the Krasnoyarsk art Museum. V. I. Surikova (under donation agreements) for the implementation of socially significant goals of the Museum, agreed with the Board of Trustees of the Fund.
  • For individuals transferring funds to the endowment Fund is provided a tax deduction .
  • Sponsors who have made large financial donations can join the Board of Trustees of the Fund and take part in determining the main areas of support for the Museum.

Control over the intended use of income is carried out:

  • Board of Trustees of the Fund through consideration of the financial plan, changes to it, as well as the results of its implementation;
  • audit organization conducting annual audit of the Fund;
  • audit organization conducting an audit of the target expenditure of funds listed under the contracts of donations in favor of the Krasnoyarsk art Museum named after Vasily Surikov.


Any contribution to the development of our Museum will have long-term effect and benefit the Museum on for many years!

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