Vladimir Luzan took part in the IX International Cultural Forum!


Vladimir Luzan - Chairman of the Board of the Endowment fund took part in the IX International Cultural Forum.

This platform is established for professional interaction of specialists connected with Russian endowment funds and for current issues discussion.

The presentation of the new Endowment fund called "Cultural Capital 73" was delivered at the conference. An unorthodox tool for extrabudgetary financing of cultural institutions of the Ulyanovsk region was demonstrated there.

The main issues discussed in the section are:

  • National Association of Endowments: 12 years of Endowment funds in Russia. National Association of Endowments for Endowment Funds projects and cooperation programs. Current changes of Federal legislation;
  • How does the Endowment fund help to inspire people for good deeds?
  • Endowment funds programmes for cultural institutions. Pandemic experience and future development.

Partners of the section: "National Association of Endowments", "Russian Center of knowledge on cultural target capital."