In 2009, the Louvre had its own endowment fund!


In 2009, the French museum created its first endowment! Today, the assets of the Louvre Foundation are €250 million.

To manage the endowment's investments, the museum attracted well-known management companies such as  European financial and banking holdings.

During the establishment in 2009, the fund received a major contribution from the United Arab Emirates, where the Louvre Abu Dhabi was opened. The UAE makes contributions from €50 million to €80 million every five years. Also in 2017, the MiSK Foundation, owned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, signed an additional partnership agreement with the museum. In addition to this, the Louvre Endowment Fund receives about €4 million annually in the form of gifts and testaments. Depending on the size of their gifts, grantmakers can create personalized funds whose annual income is intended for specific projects.

More than half of the received income is transferred to the Louvre, and the rest is spent on recapitalization of the portfolio (the process of own means increasing).

The Louvre Foundation helps the museum to meet its long-term financial needs and is used to finance the main missions of the museum: conservation and development of collections, opening of an ultramodern Conservation Centre in Lièvin, art scholarships, maintenance of the architectural and landscape heritage of the Louvre (the Louvre buildings , the Tuileries Garden, the National Museum of Eugène Delacroix).